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When Is It Time to Freeze My Eggs?

When Is It Time to Freeze My Eggs?

Most women have periods in their lives when they aren’t ready to have a baby. Others might be facing a circumstance when they can’t have a baby but know they want to at a later date. Fortunately, modernized medicine allows women to have control over their reproduction, allowing them to choose the best time to conceive and carry a child to term.

At University Reproductive Associates, with offices in Hasbrouck Heights, Wayne, and Hoboken, New Jersey, our fertility experts offer egg freezing so you can decide when and under what circumstances you want to get pregnant and deliver a baby.

When is the right time to freeze eggs?

Many factors go into a decision to begin egg freezing.

Your age

The best time to freeze your eggs is in your twenties and thirties. The egg quality is stronger in these years of your life, and more of them can be collected. That can give you the best chance of healthy embryos. If you think you want to wait to have children until you’re past your mid-thirties, freezing eggs can help you have a fallback plan in case you have trouble getting pregnant.

Your health

If you’re facing a diagnosis for a health condition or disease that could impair your ability to have children later or will be undergoing treatment that could harm your fertility, harvesting eggs and freezing them gives you more options later for a child. Depending on your health in later years, you can have the eggs fertilized and implanted or have a surrogate carry your child to term.

Your relationship status

If you haven’t found someone you want to raise a family with, have a same-sex orientation, or simply want to parent on your own, freezing your eggs gives you options. You won’t have to depend on someone else to give you what you want.

Your career plans

Freezing eggs can mean pressure to have a child immediately is taken off the table, letting you concentrate on studies or work and achieve your goals. When you’re ready, your eggs will be waiting, so you can start a family on your own time. 

Are you ready for egg freezing?

When the time arrives, you can talk to a compassionate health care professional at our office about the possibilities presented by egg freezing. It is a deeply personal decision, and we will support you in all ways possible. 

Learn more by speaking with the specialists at University Reproductive Associates. To schedule a consultation just call 201-288-6330 or visit the contact page for more information. 

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