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    • 24 JUL 17
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    Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing and Fertility

    Sperm DNA fragmentation testing may be recommended in certain cases where fertility is compromised. The test is used to evaluate the quality of sperm DNA. Embryos that develop from sperm that carries damaged (fragmented) DNA are less likely to survive. What is sperm DNA fragmentation? Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is the genetic material that contains

    • 17 JUL 17
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    Double versus Single IUI

    Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is usually performed once in a monthly cycle, but are there any advantages to double versus single IUI? Understanding IUI IUI is an artificial insemination procedure where washed and concentrated sperm is inserted directly into the uterus using a slim catheter. The hope is that by placing the sperm into the uterus,

    • 10 JUL 17
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    Factors Affecting Future Fertility

    Even if a baby is not in your immediate future, it is good to be aware of factors that can affect your future fertility. During pregnancy, most women do everything they can to protect their babies, but poor lifestyle choices and other factors can also affect your ability to conceive. To protect fertility and boost

    • 03 JUL 17
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    Medical Therapy for Endometriosis

    There are many medical therapy options used to manage endometriosis. Therapy choice may depend on the extent or severity of the endometriosis and whether or not pregnancy is desired. Understanding endometriosis Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium – the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus—grows beyond the uterus. This overgrowth can extend throughout the