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IVF Orientation


Below is a link to the URA IVF orientation video. This orientation describes in detail the IVF process and addresses many of the questions that virtually all patients have.

Prior to starting your IVF cycle, you must view this video in its entirety and complete a quiz demonstrating your understanding of the material. Bring this completed quiz to your “Go visit,” when your nurse and doctor can review your answers and address any remaining questions you might have about the IVF process. As you watch this video, please write down any questions you have so you can discuss them with your doctor. We will walk you through each step in your cycle, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you understand the IVF process, as failure to properly follow instructions can adversely impact your chance of success.

    1. Print out the IVF Orientation Quiz (if you don’t have one from your IVF packet): URA IVF Orientation Quiz
    2. View the following video in its entirety

  1. Answer the quiz questions (all questions must be answered).
  2. Sign and date the attestation at the bottom of the quiz.
  3. Bring your quiz with you to your IVF “Go visit” to review the answers and address any remaining questions you have about the IVF process.
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