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It's Conceivable - URA Podcasts


Episode 1 - Ovulation

What role does ovulation play when trying to conceive?


Episode 2 - IVF Treatment

Learn about the process of IVF treatment and whether it’s the right choice for you.


Episode 3 - Egg Freezing

At what age should you consider freezing your eggs?


Episode 4 - Embryo Testing

Learn what embryo testing can tell us about your embryos and when it might be recommended.


Episode 5 - Male Infertility

Learn how a male is evaluated and what treatment can help overcome male infertility issues.


Episode 6 - Infertility Evaluation

Learn about the basic evaluation of infertility for a couple.


Episode 7 -Low Tech Options

Find out what options other than IVF may be appropriate for your particular infertility issues.


Episode 8 -Third Party Reproduction

Learn about the process of using donor sperm, donor eggs or a gestational carrier.


Episode 9 -Ovarian Aging

The chance of pregnancy declines with age mainly due to ovarian aging. Find out how we evaluate each patient’s ovarian health.


Episode 10 - Reproductive Surgery

Learn how surgery can correct anatomic issues to help you in conceiving.


Episode 11 - PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) inhibits a woman’s ability to release eggs on a regular basis. Learn about its symptoms and treatment options.


Episode 12 - Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Learn how we evaluate and treat a couple with multiple pregnancy losses.


Episode 13 - Fertility

Everything you need to know about fertility and ovulation.


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