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Our team of compassionate professionals works hard to make sure to provide a positive experience at URA. And since we are not a huge practice, our nurses, medical technicians and front desk staff all know our patients by name. You will never be treated like a number at URA. Here are the many types of staff you will meet in our office, and their specific roles. 


The andrology lab is on the bottom floor of URA and contains a private production room for men to provide semen specimens for analysis. The andrology staff is responsible for preparing sperm for inseminations, and for running the large amount of blood work that is generated every day during morning monitoring. This allows the physicians to get results within a few hours so they can make important decisions regarding your cycle.



Our embryology staff is responsible for creating and maintaining embryos in the laboratory—a critical component of any fertility practice. They perform the inseminations during IVF and monitor embryo development closely until the day the physician performs the embryo transfer. They also perform embryo biopsies for preimplantation genetic testing. If you are doing IVF, the embryology staff notifies you of the status of your embryos following insemination. You will also speak to them on the day of your embryo transfer to learn about which embryos are actually being placed into the uterus.



You will have many interactions with our nurses over the course of your experience at URA. They assist the physicians during morning ultrasounds and call you in the afternoon with instructions for your cycle. They also perform “exit” visits following your consultation with the doctor. During this time, they explain in detail how to complete whatever diagnostic tests your doctor has ordered or how to prepare for an upcoming treatment cycle. The nurses also help you obtain the medications necessary for your treatment cycles and teach the injection class you may attend to learn how to properly mix and administer the fertility medications.



Our team of dedicated medical assistants is responsible for drawing your blood during morning monitoring so the physicians can get the information necessary to manage your cycle. They perform blood work throughout the day as well as following office visits for new and existing patients. The medical assistants will assist the doctors during morning monitoring ultrasounds as well as during physical exams and other diagnostic testing performed in the office. They also assist with the workflow during the busy morning monitoring by getting you set up for ultrasounds.



Our skilled patient care coordinators will guide you through your journey; providing information, counseling and support throughout your treatment. The patient care coordinators will ensure completion of your cycle requirements and act as a liaison between you and our medical staff. Our coordinators can be contacted during regular business hours for patient care support.



Our front desk staff is responsible for taking your phone calls and routing them to the appropriate place. They will be the first people you see when you arrive and will assist you in registering as a new patient and signing in for your scheduled appointment or coordinate your telehealth visit. They will schedule your appointments and can help you obtain medical records from your referring physician.



Our staff in the financial department will work with you to understand the costs associated with your treatment and to obtain whatever prior authorizations are necessary for any diagnostic testing, medications or treatment planned. They will work with you and your insurance provider to ensure you get the most from any fertility benefits your plan provides. Issues related to billing and insurance are complex and are changing frequently, so any questions regarding pricing or payment are best directed to the financial counselors rather than your physician. You can call anytime during our regular business hours and be connected to someone in the financial department to address any questions or concerns.

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