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LifeAir Technology


LifeAire Technology

URA is the first and only IVF center in New Jersey to adopt revolutionary LifeAire Technology into its state-of-the-art laboratory. The LifeAire in-duct air purification system eliminates 99.99% of pathogens and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the lab’s air. This groundbreaking technology has led to an increasing likelihood of successful implantation and ongoing pregnancy rates by 15-20%. Combined with an approach of complete, patient-centered dedication, URA strives to ease the difficulties endured by those using alternative fertility methods.

Dr. Peter McGovern states, “Nothing has even come close to achieving this level of cleanliness or been able to demonstrate such significant improvements in successful embryo development, implantation potential and the chance of successful live birth after IVF.”

URA’s Laboratory Director of Embryology, Dr. Jindal, also sees dramatic improvement. “More embryos develop into successful blastocysts, which is the stage embryos need to reach to be able to implant successfully, which leads to more available good, quality embryos for transfer or for freezing for future use. These laboratory improvements lead directly to dramatically better pregnancy rates and more successful IVF cycles.”




Results of the largest single cohort study of the impact of ambient air quality on successful clinical embryogenesis and clinical outcomes.

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