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What's the Difference Between Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfers?

What's the Difference Between Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfers?

Embryo transfer has allowed many individuals and couples achieve conception and carry healthy babies. With in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, you have several options. You can choose to implant fresh embryos or opt for frozen embryo transfer. 

IVF basics

During in-vitro fertilization, the egg is collected from the donor after ovarian stimulation and placed in a glass dish. The sperm is introduced, and fertilization occurs, creating an embryo. Typically, multiple eggs are collected and fertilized at once to create multiple embryos. 

Fresh vs. frozen embryo transfers

In-vitro fertilization often results in more viable embryos than required for implantation. Fresh embryo transfer is typically completed a few days after fertilization occurs.

The rest of the embryos are frozen in case the first attempt at embryo transfer fails or if subsequent rounds of transfers are desired for additional pregnancies at a later time. The truth is, there isn’t a difference between the fresh and frozen embryos; once the frozen ones are thawed, they are just as viable as the fresh ones.

Studies show continued fertility success with both fresh and frozen embryo transfers. You have just as much a chance of success with a later round of implantation using a frozen embryo as you do with the initial fresh round. There is only a need for multiple rounds of egg collection if you run out of embryos. 

Finding a fertility provider 

Not all fertility clinics are welcoming to all prospective parents. At University Reproductive Associates, with offices in Hasbrouck Heights, Millburn, Denville, Wayne and Hoboken, New Jersey in addition to Goshen, New York, our fertility experts offer help to couples and families struggling with fertility issues In-vitro fertilization (IVF). genetic testing, and fresh or frozen ec=mbryo transfer. We also maintain contact with a network of fertility clinics open to helping families of all orientations. 

If you or your partner are having trouble conceiving, we can help you choose the best path forward to create the family you desire. Whether using genetic material supplied by yourself and your partner or if you need help sourcing eggs, sperm, and/or carriers, we are committed to your fertility journey.

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with the team at URA by calling 201-288-6330 for an appointment at the location closest to you or requesting an appointment online


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