Timing Your Egg-Freezing Process: Factors to Keep in Mind

Timing Your Egg-Freezing Process: Factors to Keep in Mind

Maybe you’re busy with your career right now. Maybe you’re not with someone you want to have kids with. Maybe you’re not sure you need a partner to have a kid at all. Perhaps you have a health condition that could adversely affect your fertility. Or maybe you’re undergoing treatment or surgery that will keep you from becoming pregnant later.

No matter your reasons for wanting to freeze your eggs, our fertility experts can help. University Reproductive Associates has offices in Hasbrouck Heights, Wayne, and Hoboken, New Jersey, and we can help you plan your future and preserve your eggs for when the time is right for you and you are ready.

Factors at play when timing egg freezing

Before deciding whether to take steps with egg freezing, consider these important time-related factors:

Your age

The quality of your eggs is best in your twenties and thirties. It’s also easier to trick your body into maturing and releasing more eggs for collection during this time. 

If you want to wait on kids for now, but plan on trying to get pregnant later on in life, freezing your eggs as early as possible will give you the best options for your future, and provide a suitable backup plan if pregnancy is difficult later on.

If you want to wait on kids until you are older and more settled, freezing is a smart move. But don’t freeze too early. You’re rolling the dice with eggs kept frozen for more than ten years,

Your current and future health

You might have discovered that you’re facing a health challenge or condition that could damage your eggs, your body’s future ability to get pregnant, or both. You can get your eggs safely harvested and frozen to maximize your future fertility desires. 

Your relationship status

This is a deeply personal factor. Whether you want to wait until you meet the perfect person, you are in a same-sex relationship and need help conceiving, or you plan on raising a child as a single parent. When the time is right, you deserve choices. Egg freezing gives you options and time.

Still not sure what to do? Now is the time to talk about egg freezing with our compassionate health care professionals. We can offer the information needed to make the choice that is right for you, at the time that works best for your future.

Learn more by speaking with our specialists at University Reproductive Associates. To schedule a consultation, just call 201-288-6330 or visit the contact page for more information. 

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