Masturbation Alternatives

Oftentimes, when couples are undergoing fertility treatments, semen samples are necessary. The best method for collection is masturbation without lubricant, but alternative methods are possible if masturbation is uncomfortable for you or prohibited in your culture or religion.


Options for Masturbation

While it is ideal to collect a semen sample in the fertility clinic without the use of lubricant, this may not be possible. If you feel anxious and are unable to ejaculate in the office, you may be able to collect the sample at home- depending on how your fertility clinic’s protocols and the distance.

Many popular lubricants can damage or hinder sperm. However, your clinic may have a sperm safe option, such as Pre-Seed.


Mylex Sheath and Semen Collection

For men uncomfortable with masturbation entirely, you may be able to collect your semen sample during intercourse. It is important not to use an over-the-counter condom. Some condoms use spermicide, and even those without spermicide are often toxic to sperm. Your fertility clinic can provide you with a mylex sheath to safely collect the sample. If you choose to use a lubricant during intercourse, you should only use one that is sperm-friendly such as Pre-Seed.


Semen Collection Using Withdrawal

Another option for collecting semen with intercourse is the withdrawal method. When utilizing the withdrawal method, remember the first part of the ejaculate is the most sperm-rich. If you are unable to collect the entire sample, you will need to try again at a later date to maximize your results.


What to Avoid

Many over-the-counter lubricants and condoms are damaging to sperm. Avoid using anything not recommended by your fertility clinic. Additionally, saliva can contaminate the semen sample with bacteria. So, avoid oral sex when collecting your sample. For couples choosing to use a location other than the fertility clinic, remember that you need to be able to get your semen sample to the clinic within 30 minutes of ejaculation. If you are unable to get there in time, consider a nearby hotel room.

Regardless of your challenges, talk to your fertility doctor as a couple or in confidence. There are alternatives to masturbation that can help you throughout the process.

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