Benefits of Third Party Reproduction

Have you been struggling to become pregnant but found there are obstacles in your way? Maybe you’re part of a same-sex couple, or perhaps you or your partner have been diagnosed as infertile. Don’t give up hope.

Our team of reproductive specialists at University Reproductive Associates meets many people throughout New Jersey and the greater New York City metro area who have been trying to become pregnant but are experiencing a range of fertility problems. For many people, third party reproduction can make the dreams of having a child come true.

Third party reproduction basics

If you and your partner use the services of another individual to become pregnant or bear a child, but that third party is to be completely separate from the life built with the child, you’re enlisting third party reproduction. There are four different types of third party reproduction:

Donor sperm

A sperm donor can provide options for heterosexual couples in which the man has low sperm count or nonviable sperm. Same-sex couples often opt for it as well, or women who want to get pregnant on their own without a partner. 

Donor eggs

An egg donor can provide eggs for infertile women or for same-sex couples who want to impregnate a surrogate after using one or both mens’ sperm to create embryos.

Donor embryos

An embryo donor can donate entire embryos ready for implantation into a woman’s womb or a surrogate. Typically, several embryos are implanted to increase the chances of a viable pregnancy.

A surrogate to carry a baby

A surrogate physically carries the child and gives birth to it for the to-be parent or parents. A surrogate is usually a woman in very good health who may or may not have had a successful birth before. She might also be an egg or embryo donor, or she may carry embryos created from you and/or your partner’s genetic material. 

Benefits of third party reproduction

If you have been unsuccessful in becoming pregnant or other circumstances prevent you from carrying a child, a third party reproduction partner can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a parent. Benefits of third party reproduction include:

The experienced team at University Reproductive Associates is here for you at every step of the process. We are well-versed in the legal and ethical complexities of third party reproduction and can help cis and LGBTQ couples, as well as singles seeking to become parents, make their hopes of having a baby of their own into a happy reality.    

Get informed by scheduling a consultation with one of our specialists today. Call any of our three New Jersey locations or book a new-patient appointment with our online tool.

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