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    Varicella Immunity Testing Prior to Pregnancy

    Prior to attempting pregnancy through infertility treatment, fertility specialists recommend varicella immunity testing. Mothers who are not immune to the virus are at risk of contracting the illness, which has been linked to the possibility of birth defects. What is varicella? Varicella is a viral infection that is part of the herpes family. Also known

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    Vitamin D and Reproduction

    The role of vitamin D in reproduction has been the subject of multiple studies in recent years. The health community has long been aware of the benefits of this essential vitamin, including its ability to promote calcium and phosphorus absorption in the body and facilitate bone growth and bone remodeling. Now there are indications vitamin

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    Timing Intercourse for Optimal Chances of Conception

    To optimize the chances of conception, fertility specialists suggest timing intercourse to coincide with the most fertile stage of the menstrual cycle. Identifying the Fertile Window Ovulation is the phase in a woman’s menstrual cycle where one of the ovaries releases a mature egg into the fallopian tube. The egg remains viable for a period

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    Rubella Immunity Testing Prior to Pregnancy

    It is vital that a woman’s rubella immunity be tested prior to pregnancy, since rubella infection presents a serious threat to the health of the fetus. Understanding Rubella Rubella, also known as the German measles or three-day measles, is a highly contagious viral infection spread through direct contact of nasal or oral secretions of an