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    • 10 AUG 16
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    Women with common ovary problem may not get recommended tests

    (Reuters Health) – A recent study by URA physicians has drawn attention from a national news service! Dr. Amy Dhesi, a former URA fellow, worked with Drs. Morelli and McGovern to publish an important study about PCOS. The study found that despite published guidelines, many women with PCOS are not adequately screened by their OB/GYNs

    • 06 AUG 16
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    Psychology of Infertility

    The psychological impact of infertility should not be overlooked in couples undergoing fertility treatment. Studies have shown stress contributes to infertility, and there is also a psychological component to fertility treatment as well. Stress & the Psychology of Infertility We now know stress plays a key role in infertility. Recent research has revealed that stress

    • 31 JUL 16
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    Natural Fertility

    Natural fertility is a term used to describe becoming pregnant through intercourse without the aid of fertility treatments or support. Physiology of Natural Conception A woman is born with approximately one to two million immature eggs (follicles) in her ovaries. Beginning at birth that number starts to decrease until virtually no follicles remain at menopause.

    • 20 JUL 16
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    Tubal Reanastomosis

    Tubal reanastomosis is a procedure done to reverse previous fallopian tube ligation. It is used to restore fertility in women when clips, rings, sutures and cautery have been performed to achieve sterilization. Tubal Reanastomosis Procedure To determine whether or not you are a candidate for tubal reversal, blood tests and imaging tests will be scheduled