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    • 27 JUL 15
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    Fertility pills: Clomid, Tamoxifen and Letrozole

    By: Dr. Susan Wolf Often taking fertility pills is one of the first options for treating couples with infertility, especially if you have irregular cycles. Sometimes you regular gynecologist will give you a prescription for 3 months of pills and have you see how it goes. If you are not pregnant in 3 months, they

    • 17 JUL 15
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    Recurrent Miscarriage

    By: Susan Wolf, M.D.  Recurrent miscarriage, also known as recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is a heartbreaking, but not uncommon, condition. Studies have shown that up to 5% of women suffer 2 pregnancy losses. We find a reason for the miscarriage in about 50% patients. The most common reason for miscarriage is that the pregnancy is

    • 08 JUL 15
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    Do I Need To Use an Egg Donor?

    By: Dr. Adam Fechner Many women come to our office after being told they need to use donor eggs to get pregnant. Some are sent by their gynecologists after testing shows they may be in early menopause. This condition, known as premature ovarian insufficiency (POI, formerly ‘premature ovarian failure’ or POF), is defined by menopause

    • 15 JUN 15
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    What are the real costs of in vitro fertilization?

    By: Adam Fechner, MD Financial: Many patients will tell you cost is their biggest concern about fertility treatment, and IVF can be a very expensive undertaking for many. When you factor in the cost of the frequent ultrasounds and bloodwork, the clinical procedures (egg retrieval, embryo transfer), the lab procedures and the medications, a patient can