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    • 15 JUN 15
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    What are the real costs of in vitro fertilization?

    By: Adam Fechner, MD Financial: Many patients will tell you cost is their biggest concern about fertility treatment, and IVF can be a very expensive undertaking for many. When you factor in the cost of the frequent ultrasounds and bloodwork, the clinical procedures (egg retrieval, embryo transfer), the lab procedures and the medications, a patient can

    • 16 APR 15
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    HSG-The Good News and the Not As Good News

    By:  Dr. Susan Wolf HSG or the proper name “hysterosalpingogram” is likely to be one of the first tests that your doctor will order for you. I always warn patients about “googling” the test because you can get scared when you read about patient’s experiences. If you found this on your search, then it’s OK