Ovulatory Dysfunction

Ovulatory dysfunction describes an ovarian problem that interferes with the maturation or release of the egg. An estimated 20 percent or more of infertile women suffer from ovulatory dysfunction.

Causes of ovulatory dysfunction

There are many reasons why a woman might experience ovulatory dysfunction including the following:

Diagnosis of ovulatory dysfunction

As with all infertility issues, a complete history and physical is needed to enable your reproductive endocrinologist to determine the cause of ovulatory dysfunction.

A woman with regular monthly menstrual period is likely ovulating, although uterine bleeding can occur without ovulation. It is possible to detect ovulation through use of ovulation prediction kits or by tracking basal body temperature.

Other tests your fertility specialist may utilize to detect ovulation are luteal phase serum progesterone levels measurements, ovarian follicle monitoring with serial transvaginal ultrasounds and endometrial biopsies.

Treatment of ovulatory dysfunction

Fertility specialists can successfully treat many ovulatory disorders. Fertility medications can trigger or regulate ovulation by mimicking FSH and LH. Commonly prescribed fertility drugs include:

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